Zadanie w załączniku
chodzi mi zeby ktos prostymi słowami omówił ten materiał dość szczególowo i odpowiedział 2-3 zdaniami na pytania ponizej.
BŁAGAM O POMOC BO TO NAPRAWDE BARDZO PILNE ;( chodze niby na angielski podstawowy ale babka wymaga rozszerzonego...



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. The material says, that more and more young school leavers choose easier opportunities ispite of developing themselves studying and doing any higher degree from hard science. The text also suggests, that one of the reasons of such a situation may be brought about by common lack of information about benefits of having such a degree.

2. Persuant to the material, being a school leaver, you may choose direct employments, company training schemes, further colleges or higher education.

3. (tutaj dokładnie nie wiem o który materiał chodzi... "written material"...???)

4. Having done a higher degree, you have your future ensured and safe. Being such a person is very sought-after, and, as we hear from everywhere - THEY'RE NEEDED. Better position at work, promotions, higher wages - all is appealing.

5. To be honest - there are not many significant adventages of working directly after school. You start earning money faster, getting fees makes you feel more adult and satisfacted, but with no required education you might work mostly psychically, what refers to hard labour, exhaustion and no mental avail and satisfaction of the way the job is carried out.