Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
24.02.2010, Lublin
Dear Dominica.
I`m writing a letter to You because I want tell You something about myself. My name is Asia and I`m 14 years old. I`m from in Poland, in [miasto w ktorym mieszkasz]. I`m thin and tall. I`ve got blond, long hairs, blue eyes. I`m learning in school and I`m good student. I`m interesting about music and dance. I prefer hip hop dance. I like listen to music in every free moment. I like meeting with friends, too. We going to the park or to the cinema. Sometimes I like reading adventures`books. It`s fantastic! Every weekend, summers and enough free time I and my family going to our small caravan in mountains. It`s all. I`m waiting on letter from You. Please, write me something about yourself.

All the best, Asia.