Imagine that you are travelling through your country . You are going to send an email to a friend . Make notes to answer the questions.

What country are you writing from ?
What do you think of the country ?
Where have you been and what have you done in the last few days ?
Have you enjoyed the experience ?
Where are you staying tonight ?
Where and how are you travelling in the future ?

prosze aby miejscem opisywanym była Hiszpania



Hi Tom!
Here I am i Lodon, UK. I got here las month. The flight was really short and nice. I live in very big hause with my sister and her friends. Last week I went to see the sights. I saw Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge and a lot of London's monuments. I think it is beautiful city.
I met a lot of people here. They are really cool. I will go with Cindy to Manchester for a concert. She loves rock. Her favourite group is `Green Day`. I like their, too.
In the next week I will come back to home. But I want will be here again!
See you soon.

(Nie znam żadnych zabytków w Hiszpanii, więc napisałam o Anglii... ;])
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