I will work in France.
I won't work in France.
Will I work in France?

I will sleep 8 hours.
I won't sllep 8 hours.
Will I sleep 8 hours?

I will make coffee.
I won't make coffee.
Will I make coffee?

He will die next week.
He won't die next week.
Will he die next week?

She will work with you.
She won't work with you.
Will she work with you?

Dave will buy a new car.
Dave won't buy a new car.
Will Dave buy a new car?
2 3 2

1 I think will be able to come to your part.
2 I hope I will pass this English exam.
3 Wait, I'll give you a hand.
4 In 2011 she will become a student.
5 I will send you a postcard from Mexico.
1 She won't buy this car because it is too expensive.
2 I won't come back from school at 6 o'clock.
3 They won't go to the cinema next weekend.
4 I won't be here next week.
5 I won't do your homework for you.
1 Will you buy somethinbg for me?
2 When do you think will you have your vacation?
3 Will you make the bed?
4 Will you marry me?
5 Will you get some tea for me?
3 3 3
Oznajmujące :
I will go with you.
I hope you will get this job.
I will help you.
I think he will be a good father.
She will open the window.
I won't go wit her.
I won't open the door.
I won't give her this bag.
I won't read this book.
I won't have tea.
Will she open this window?
Will you go by car?
Will he go with you?
Will they be here tommorow night?
Will you be able to finish before six o'clock?
1 1 1