Hi Tom,
I am writing this letter because I just got this great present from you. You really didn't have to buy me such a gift but it's a pleasure for me. How do you know I always dreamed about a phone? I don't know even why I am asking, I am sure it was my mother who told you. Anyways I have tested some of the options it gives me and I really like the camera which have 3 megapixels and this great bluetooth system which helps me connect to other people phones and send massages or just swap some music. Thank you very much and in addition I send you some music you wanted me to buy for you. See you someday mate!

Twoję imię :)
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Thank you for the gift that I sent. This phone is fantastic. Is really a lot of functions that the confidence I could use every day. This is truly one of the best models that are on the market. Now, I could hear the music on it, I add to the system through the GPS, easy to connect to the Internet and I could call and write sms from anywhere. It has a lot of memory so it will fit on many songs, which are so like to listen to. I'm really pleasantly surprised by the gift, do not even know me as he pleased. thanks to him we now have easier contact with each other.
Once again thank you very much.
See you soon