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1)An elderly cuople OWN that restaurant.
2)Thausand of people BOUGHT tke book.
3)The newspaper WILL PRINT the story tomorrow.
4)The ARE HOLDING the meeting at 11 o'clock.
5)A big fire completty Destroyed the baling.
6)The famous auther WAS WRITING a tv documentary about India.
7)They HAVE MADE huge advances in computer technology in the last five years.
*zdania są pisne w czasie.
1)present simple
2)past simple
3)future simple
4)present continous
5)past simple
6)past contin.
7)present perfect.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.That restaurant is owned by an elderly couple.
2.The book was bought by thousand of people
3.The story will be printed by the newspaper tomorrow.
4.The meeting at 11 o'clock is being held by them
5.The building was completely destroyed by a big fire.
6.A tv documentary about India was being written by the famous auther.
7.Huge advances in computer technology has been made them in the last five years.