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Every year , on the last Monday in May , thousands of people go to Cooper`s Hill . They go and watch the Cheese Rolling race . At the top of the hill there`s maypole witch a chicken on it . This is the Start of the race . There`s a Master of Ceremonies (MC). He wears a white coat , special hat and a big flower in his buttonhole . He goes to the top of the hill with all the visitor . The visitor holds the cheese . It`s real cheese , about 3 to 4 kilos . The visitor rolls the cheese down the hill . Then the MC says : `Go!` , and all the racers run down the hill after the cheese . The race is about 200 metres long . The race isn`t easy .
The hill`s very very steep . Every year people are hurt , some people break their legs or arms . But many people come to race again every year ! The first person at the bottom of the hill wins the cheese . The second persons wins five pounds . The third person wins three pounds . There are three downhill races for men and one race for women . There are also uphill races for children under 12 years old . They don`t run afterthe cheese , but the winners win some cheese .

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Every year men on Monday, Hill go May on Cooper's. They look at race, witch is there. The beginning of race is now, he has suitable poison and it goes from all on height of hill, his guest keeps cheese, this cheese is true, brew 3 or 4 kilogramme, he threw cheese and it rolls after mountain now. It in whole story walks about cheese.