Odpowiedz na pytanie i UZASADNI w kilku zdaniach(że się zgadzacie z tym wyrażeniem)(po angielsku):
People communities less with others baecause of new technologies . Do you agree? why/why not??? Give examples>:D
z góry dzięki :sd daje naj za poprawne :D



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Yes, I agree.

This problem is very widespread. For example, countless parents constantly complain about how playing computer games keep their children from going outside, playing sports with their friends etc.

Even though chatting is considered a type of comunication, it usually backfires- people spend hours chatting with people they hardly know, about unimportant matters, while forgetting about their true friends and family.

TV is also very time absorbing and distracting. Many people can spend all night watching movies and TV programs, becoming so addicted that they give up their social life just for their favourite TV shows.