Napiszcie mi całą tą treść jak się czyta po angielsku.

My name is Nattawud Daoruang- Gir for short. I am sixteen years old. As you can see, I live got light brown skin, dark eyes and black hair. I live with my parents in a terraced house im Samut Prakan, about 30 kilometres south of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. There are two bedrooms. My parents have got one and I live got the other. I live a younger brother but he lives with my grandmother and helps to look after her.

I go to Srinai School. It is a big school with big classes. There are 56 students in my class so my teacher has a diffcult job. English is my best subject but i like all sybjects.

My main hobby is the internet. At the moment I live got four websites. This is one of them. They are all about Thailand and life in Thailand. I want people is lives, and the thinks that Thai teenagers like to do. People can read about my everyday life and thoughts in my secret Diary. I live got a digital camera so I take my own photographs.
I like sports, especially basketball and football and I also like the cinema, comics and all types of music.
My favourite band at the moment is a punk rock group us have the same interests. I haven't got a girlfriend at the moment but I'm not worried .

I've got lots of plans for the future but my dream is to travel and visit other countries of the world.



Maj nejm is Nattawud Daoruang-gir for szort. aj em sikstinjirs old. as ju ken si i lif got lajght brałn skin, dark ajs end blek her. aj liv łif maj parents in e terracid hałs im Samut Prakan, ebaut thirtin kilometres souf of Bankok, de kapital of Thajland. Der ar tu broder bat hi livs łif mai grandmader end helps tu luk after her.
aj goł to Srinai skul. it is e big skul łif big klases. der ar 56 stjudents in mai klas so mai ticzer hes e difikult dżob. Inglisz is mai best sabdżek bat aj lajk al sabdżekts.
mai main hobby is de internet. at de moment aj liv got four webajts. dis is łan of dem. dej ar all ebałt Thailand end liv in Tajland. aj łont pipul is livs, end de finks dat Thai tinejdżers lajk tu du. pipul cen rid ebałt mi ewridejlif end toughts in mai sekret Diary. aj liv got e didżital kamera so aj tejk mai ołn fotograps. aj lajk sports especialy basketbal end futbal end aj alzo lajk de sinema komiks end al typs of mjuzik.
mai faworit band at de moment is e pank rok grup jus hew de sam interests. aj hefent got e gerlfrend at de moment bat ajm not łoried.
ajf got lots of plans for de fjuczer bat mai drim is tu trawel end wizit oder kauntries of de łorld.

Tak się czyta ;D
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