Last night I had a strange dream. I was alone in a strange place. It was an abandoned house covered with black pitch. I was very frightened because it was very dark. Sudennly the lights turned on. First I saw a child, and then I saw five children. They were dancing in a circle and they didn't have eyes. Fortunately they didn't see me so I went to another room . After that I saw a man and after some minutes a few more men appeared. They were dancing to and they didn't have their arms. I couldn't look at them. Then I saw a very tall woman followed by two tiny women. They were running away from something but I didn't see anything. Suddenly I heard a loud roar and when I turned round I saw a huge dinosaur hiding behind some leaves. It had a small head, a small mouth with sharp teeth and very big feet. When it started walking towards me I started running and screaming. It was about to catch me when my mum woke up. In this dream I felt very frightened and I thought it would never end.