Sprawdzić błędy i wprowadzić ewentualne korekty proszę. = ) Jak ktoś oglądał film " Narzeczona mimo woli " to fajnie by było jakby coś dopisał jak czegoś zabrakło.
Dzięki . = )

Margaret Tate was a despotic, egoistic boss at a successful publishing company. Her parents died when she was young. Maggie, because that how people called her, was lanky, pretty brunette with brown eyes. She was wearing elegant, formal clothes. She had a tattoo.
Margaret didn’t care about her workers. She cared only about her company. Maggie was very hard-worker – she didn’t have private life. But when her visa came up, her whole life changed.
Maggie proposed to her assistant Andrew, because he didn’t want to leave USA. And he accepted her. As a result they went to Sitka in Alaska to learn something about each other. But then she met Andrew’s family and slowly fall in love with each other. But they both had an uneasy conscience and they resigned from the plan.
In the end Maggie and Andrew finally got married and live long and happy.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Her parents DIE when she was young.
Maggie,THAT PEOPLE CALLED HER, was lanky, pretty brunette with brown eyes.
In the end, Maggie and Andrew got married and LIVED long and happy.

Moim zdaniem jest dobrze, a innych błędów nie widzę :)