Napisz list do kolezanki po angielsku:
- powiadom ją o tym ze dostalas sie na wakacje do pracy ( gdzie pracujesz podaj miejscowosc i zawod)
- powiadom ją o tym ze swietnie sie bawisz w swojej pracy
- opisz co robisz w swojej pracy
- zachęć ją abyście razem pracowaly
- pozdrów ją
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Dear Martha,
How are you? I'm writing because I must tell you about my new job. I applied for a holiday job in London and I've got it! I work as a child-minder and a cook at a summer camp near London. The children there are very young and come from an orphanage (sierociniec).
I have never thought that working with children can be so cool! I'm having a great time at work. I start work at 8 o'clock in the morning. Unfortunately I have to get up very early because I have to commute by train. The first thing that I do is making sure that all children eat their breakfast. It is sometimes funny when I have to feed them. Then they have some English lessons while I help the cooks to clean the canteen and make dinner. After dinner I take them for a walk. If the weather is bad, we stay and play inside, have different contests or simply watch cartoons. I have to look after them especially in the afternoon when the teachers go home.
You should come to London and try the job yourself. They need more people here because the next group which comes is much bigger! Moreover, they pay a lot and you could earn some money. Think about it!
I'm sending best regards to you and your family. I'm also waiting for your reply.