Pomóźcie rozwiązać dialog .

Mum : Polly.! Have you made your bed yet ?
(you,make/your/bed/yet ?.)
Polly: Yes Mum , ... it.
... (you/pack my lunch/yet) ?
Mum : Yes , ... (I/just/make) you some cheese sandwiches.And here's an apple.
Polly:It's Ok... (I/already/take) one . !
Mum : What's the telephone number of the hostel ?
Polly : I don't know.I lost it this morning and ... (I/not/find it/yet).
Mum: There it is , on the floor . Do you want this magazine for your journey ?
Polly : No , thanks Mum. ... (I/already / read) it .
Mum : OK.Are you ready ?
Polly: No , ... ( I/not/bursh my teeth/yet).
Mum: Well , hurry up ! .. ( the taxi / just/arrive).!



P; yes, i have already done it
haven't you packed my my lunch yet?
m; yes i have just made it
p' ok i have already taken one
p' i haven't found it yet
p' i have already read it
p' i haven't brushed my teeth yet
m'the taxi has just arrived