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Hi there!

I’m writing to tell you something about my school and my favourite subjects. I attend St. Mary’s school. My school is old outside but very modern inside. There are two floors, a large playground, a gym and a small garden.
On the ground floor there are the headmaster’s office, the school office next to it and the coffee bar in front of them. On the first floor there are many classrooms. There is a library between two classrooms on the left, and on the right a small lab. On the second floor there are also classrooms, there is the staffroom, the computer room and between them there is the big lab. The music room is the first room on the right.
Classes start every day at half past eight and finish at five o’clock in the afternoon. But we don’t have classes all the time! We have lunch at 1 p.m. at the school canteen, which is behind the gym, and then we have many school clubs. I’m in the computer club and the English club.
There are a lot of subjects that my friends and I study this year. We like them all, because we find interesting things every day.
I like astronomy very much, because when I grow up I want to be an astronaut and to go to space. Anna isn’t so keen on mathematics, she would rather learn 10 pages on history. She loves English, because she reads a lot every day and she doesn’t imagine life without books. A month ago she didn’t join us on a trip because she bought an expensive book.
Last year we studied Music. We had a lot of fun, because not many of us were able to sing and we sometimes sounded really funny. This year we arte studying a new subject, Art. We have already learnt about colours and about their function in describing a landscape, for example. One day the teacher asked us if we knew any famous painters. There were some answers, but she liked mine the most. I told them about my favourite painter, Salvador Dali, because I knew a lot of things about his art. I had at home some illustrations of his paintings and a book about his life. All of them appreciated my words, and that made me feel great.
I also like history very much, but I prefer Science and Art. My favourite subjects are English and Maths. School sometimes is boring, but I actually like my school a lot! How about you? Write something about your school and favourite subjects. Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.