Hej mam prosbe. Potrzebuje napisac straszna historię w 3 paragrafach z angielskiego .
Odpowiedzi na te pytania musza byc zawarte w tej historii

paragraf 1. Where were you?
Who was with you
praragraf 2. What happened ?
what did you do ?
how did you feel then
paragraf 3. What happened in the end
How did you feel

I bardzo bym prosiła o przetłumaczenie mi tej historyjki na polski



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
That happend three years ago. My parents went to my grandma and I was at home with my elder brother. That was terrible evenig. The sky was dark, I couldn't see a moon. At the night was raining. I saw big lightning and I heard thunder. I was scared. My brother was laughting of me.
In one moment the lights turned off. Then I started shouting. My brother came to me and he told it is only electric problem. I didn't believe him. I called to mum and she called to the emergency electrical. They told that it isn't electrical problem, because light work properly in every house in the town. I felt my hart was beating really fast.
My brother kept one's head and went to our cellar. Then I heard terrible noise. I ran to him and he lay on the floor. I saw two man, who was running from our house. That were robbers. I called to emergency but my brother only strike up on his head. I felt sad, because my brother was hurt and happy, because everything ended well.
From that time I always go with my parents to my grandma, my brother sleep at this time in our neigbours home.

Gdybyś miała jaksieś pytania to pisz prywatne :) Mam nadzieję, że historyjka może być :)