Rewrite these sentences to be singular or plural.
1. These ale tables.__________________
2.This is a fox.______________________
3. This is a potato.___________________
4.These are feet._____________________
5.What's this?________________________
6. These ale eagles.___________________



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. This is a table.
2. These are foxex.
3. These are photos.
4. This is a foot.
5. What are these?
6. This is an eagle.
7 2 7
This is a table.
there are foxes.
there are potatoes.
There're foots.
wthat're there?
this is an eagle.
6 3 6
This is a table.
These are foxex.
These are photos.
This is a foot.
What are these?
This is an eagle.
3 3 3