O skuterze:

I do not even remember how long dreamed of a scooter. View of riders on scooters through the streets of their peers at once causing me a huge feeling of jealousy. Of course, not every parents mentioned the hardware that I have at any price. Unfortunately, always stayed disposed. My mother once said upset that I was irresponsible and could not give me a scooter or changed the subject, and often told me to go clean your room. Dad and urged to study and homework. He never wanted me to talk about it, give specific reasons why I can not get such a''gem''.
For some time they stopped to ask for a scooter. Of course, I forgot about it! Next day I dreamed about this dwukołowcu, which I can ride through the streets of my city. Approaching Easter break. One day my dad told me to get dressed and go somewhere with him. Apparently it was supposed to be a surprise. I had no idea where they choose. It turned out that we walked to his good friend - Mr. Darek. We went into his home, then offered us tea and cakes, very nice to us talking with each other. At one point, Mr. Darius mentioned that he bought his scooter son. This information is immediately increased my pressure! My heart began to beat harder, not allow myself to think that a guy can get a scooter and I did not. I was madly jealous. Mate dad asked me if I wanted to see him.
Of course, yes! - I replied. Few minutes had elapsed and we were in the garage of Mr. Darek. Mr. Darius approached things covered with a sheet, pulled the material, after a while I saw a beautiful new blue scooter. I felt an incredible lightness, for a moment imagined that he is mine. I asked if I could sit on it. Mr. Darius, of course, agreed. It was great! I had little or no desire to descend from it. Unfortunately, the time came to return home. Since then, I could not stop thinking about the scooter. Came the holidays. The whole family gathered at the Christmas table. Sang carols, łamaliśmy the wafer, talked, laughed to. Mom said that, as everything we eat, we can open your presents! Automatically I started to fast food. After a while I became the first already in the Christmas tree. Nervously looking for gifts with the inscription "For <twoje imię>.
No I found, I asked the parents what is going on! Dad said that he inadvertently forgot to bring home with him and I go down to the garage to help him make my gift, because it is so heavy that he himself does not give advice. Agreed. We went to the garage. Dad turned on the light. My eyes appeared the same scooter as in Mr. Darek. Terribly happy! Without a break I asked, is it really for me, whether I accidentally did not dream? The smile never left my face. Biggest dream come true. I got your desired scooter! With admiration, zaschło up in my throat. Did not even know how to thank my parents. I thought that I will show my gratitude for better results in science and order in the room. Fulfilled the dream completely changed me.