Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Napisz minimum 20-30 zdań o szkole,klasie, zainteresowań twoich i innych. Po aNgIeLsKuU !

1. My passion is dance.
2. My school isn't very big.
3. My school is a modern school.
4. My favourite subject is Englisch.
5. My friend likes teaching other.
6. In my class is more girls than boys.
7. My mother's hobby is reading.
8. I've got few best friends in my school.
9. In my school there are almoust 50 classes.
10. I've got average 40 lessons per week.
11. I like PE.
12. We hate tests!
13. Our teacher from Biology have got a turtle.
14. After school I do my homeworks.
15. At weekends I'm go out with friends from class.
16. Last month me and my class were on a trip in Zakopane.
17. My boyfriend's hobby is drawing.
18. Tomorrow I've got 2 tests.
19. I have to learn if I want to be smart person.
20. I have 17 subjects in school.
21. My school has got their own gym.
22. I'm interested in Sport.
23. My friend interested in Cosmetology.
24. Every day ( from Monday to Friday) I get up at 6.30 a.m.