Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
W - Waiter
Guest - gość

Guest : Waiter !
Waiter : How can I help you?
Guest : Can I read a menu ?
Waiter : Sure. Here you are.

(After a while)

Guest : I would like a tomato soup, a chop with potatoes and a pudding for the desert.
Waiter : OK. Anything to drink?
Guest 1 : Hmm... Maybe a coffee.
Waiter : Fine. Please wait.

Waiter : Here you are. Enjoy your meal.
Guest: Can I take a bill?
Waiter: Yes, of course. It's 40 pounds. Sorry, it's 35.
Guest: All right. It's tip for you.
Waiter: Thank you, sir. Goodbye.
Guest: Have nice day.