Napisz kartkę z pamietnika. przykład: (tylko fragment)
a/ my plans for getting away from here - I want to leave the island so I'm going to build a raft. Then I'm going to sail away from here.
b/ how I got here - I was working on a fantastic ship . I loved it but then one day I had an arqument with the captain.
c/ my life on the island - I'm very suprised that I've survived all this time. I'm building a hut a live in, but it's difficult to find food.

i te 3 akapity są każdy w innym czasie i tam też tak ma być ;)

a ta kartka ma być na podstawie pytań :
1. what's the island like?
2. how long have you been here?
3. how did you get here?
4. what have you done today?
5. what's the worst thing about being on the island?
6. what are your plans for the future?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Wow! I'm stranded on a lonely island, I don't even know where I am. I can't believe it, one moment I'm all friendly with the captain and the next I'm having this huge argument with him about stuff that didn’t even matter. After we’d quarrelled there was no way I was going to stay on the ship. He made me take a life boat and sail away. And it was such a stormy night too. I could have been killed! Well, I should be happy that he didn’t kill me himself. Well, here I am. Sandy beach, clear blue see, nobody about. Could seem like paradise, but it’s hell. What I hate most is the heat. I can’t bear it. Every day I try to find all sorts of new ways to keep myself cool. It must be a month now since I arrived here and there hasn’t been a drop of rain since. I spend most of the day trying to obtain water. Foods not a problem. I have coconuts and bananas and plenty of other fruits which names I don’t even know. Today was mostly the same as every day. I went fishing as dawn then went exploring further into the island, gathered some fruits for tomorrow, checked my shelter doesn’t need repairing and later went for a swim to cool down. I don’t have any clue how long this will last. I’ll just keep living this way until someone (hopefully) finds me some day. When I’m not depressed or tired I find this situation I’m in rather exiting. I admit it, it’s a really fun experience.