Napisz o zakupach w supermarkecie : zalety i wady

Te argumenty mozna rozwinac:
-wide range of products
-offer lower prices, speciall offers and money-off coupons
-everything is in one place

-very long queue
-legs are hurt,because we have to go long way
-shops are so big

Bardzo prosze o rozwiazanie .:** daje najj!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my opinion buying in supermarket is good because there I can buy everything for example: food, clothes, household, stationery, jewellery.. and we can get a discount on somethink but buying in supermarkets is bad sometimes because shop owner decrease prices and people think that this is cheap but it's not real and we pay a lot of money.

Nie wiem czy dokładnie o coś takiego Ci chodziło, ale mam nadzieje, że chociaż troszkę pomogłam :)