* Do the quiz. Circle the TWO right answers to each question.

1. In which of the following places do you check in?
a) at a hotel b) at an airport c) at a train station
2. Which of the following can you catch?
a) a car b) a flight c) a train
3. Which of the following means of transport do you board?
a) a boat or ferry b) a plane c) a car
4. Where would you hear this phrase:
' I'm sorry, we're fully booked'?
a) at a hotel
b) at a railway station
c) at a guest house
5. When you see someone off, you say: Have a safe...
a) trip b) excursion c) journey
6. Which of the following cn you go by?
a) foot b) car c) train
7. which of these means of transport do you get on?
a) a bus b) a train c) a car



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. a, b
2. a, c
3. a, b
4. a, c
5. a, c
6. a, c
7. a, b