Mówię od razu - to jest praca mojej siostry, która dodała ją na ang.pl ;]

My room is in the attic. It is quite big and spacious. It is by far bigger than peaces of my friends. This garret was all made by my dad. Every little thing he did on his own.

Firstly there were white wallpapers and few posters of pop stars on the wall, a gray carpet on the floor and awful large louvers in the windows, on which there was always accumulating dust. I was a very messy child, so on the floor and desk you could find everything. For example toys, clean and dirty clothes, empty and full glasses and rubbish. And what grated my parents the most was that I never made the bed.

Each year my room looked different. When I was listening to heavy metal room was all black. When I was enchanted by Madonna it was full of kitsch.

Now it looks really different. The walls are painted bright yellow. On the floor is a brown covering and in the window there are yellow shades. It is not messy anymore and the bed is always made. It is a completely different place. It looks like the room of workaholic because on my walls I have ten maps of different parts of the world, and on the desk I have stacks of books.

I love my room very much.