Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Agnieszka is my fairest friend seraph, which (who) has lat (summer; year) 12. So, often live near (about) meet (face each other) and we walk for school case (together; time). We sat in this year in (to) by first half of the year case (together; time) ławce. Agnieszka concerns fashion and nature. Fashion is our common interest. Has small collections Aga słoników. It assembles (collect) color stones too. I like to spend time with (from) her (it), as it talks with (from) on all themes very well < goods (right) > her (it). We walk on walks for wood (forest) sometimes case (together; time). I like to commute her (it) with (from) on cycles most. Agnieszka is good schoolgirl and I can count on her (it) in case of problems in science, in mathematics particularly and nature. Has dog too, which (who) is allured Saba. It does not like to eat a lot Aga, but it likes fritters with cheese most. Agnieszka is genuine friend, I like her (it) very and I know, that I can count on her (it) always.
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My best friend's name is ... . She's so helpful. Everytime when I need help she's next to me. I trust her so much. She has never carried me. ...(imię) is so ambitious and it's impressing for me. She always tell the truth even it's not good for me. She's so careful and she helps everyone with their problem. She's optimistic and she's got big sense of humour. I like her so much and I will never change her for anyone.
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