Hi Mark!

Last week I was on sports camp. That was great!
I played football, basketball, baseball and volleyball.
And I was swimming in the lake. I didn't read books and
magazines. And I didn't use my phone and computer.

How did you spend last week?

Hey Tom!
I just recently returned from a basketball camp, it was very good. Every day at 7 am wake-up and we were training, We ran along the beach .. and by the way we admired the views. We played a match with AZS Gdańsk and won, I say to you was a fierce struggle. Training had 3 times daily for several hours, terrible effort, but it was worth. Night silence was only at 24 so we had plenty of time to pass after a day of a relationship! I hope that one day I will repeat this trip.
Kisses for you and to hear, Kate.