Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The person which I can spend one year in desert island is Patricia2932. Because I don't she yet, and I will have lot of time to change that. She doesn't know me too, so it's the next good rison to take she there. She has got lovely black, curly hair. She looks so beatuful. Patricia is young and claver woman. She come from Poland. She is seventeen years old. She has got her own wearing style.She's favourite clothes are the T-shirt with inscription ,, I love New York'' and short skirt and she is so sexy in these clothes. She is very helpful, she likes helping anothers to making them's housework. She has a very rich knowledge. Patricia is also the athletic, she likes lots of sports that's why she is slim and beauty.
She likes healthy food and she doesn't have high demands to living. She's hobbys are photography, dance and Communing with nature, she loves be very close with a nature. Paticia likes a wild expedition into the unknown land.

powinno być ok 200 jak coś to zamiast pisać skrótów napisz pełną formę :P
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