Odpowiedz na pytanie 1) Which is better sightseeing on your own pr with the guide? Why? 2) What are the pluses of visiting different places? 3) What are the disadvantages of hitchhiking? 4) What do you prefer spending holidays with parents or with friends?



1. Better is the guided tours without a guide because we do not see sales in a number of interesting
2. During the tour many places we can learn a lot of interesting information and encounter a lot of things that we will be pleased to remember
3. Coming hitchhiking
- Unknown person torzsamości
- We can deduce a person somewhere in the forest
- Can rob us
4. For me to spend holidays with your family is just as nice and pleasant as spending the holidays with their friends, but I would prefer to spend holidays with your friends. During the holidays with friends will always be happy and I'll never be bored

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