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"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"
Harry poter was not very happy teenager at age 11 .. When he was just a year lost his parents and have to live with wojostwa who was bigger and told him that his parents died in an accident and the scar on his forehead is a monument to this day .. I feralnym residential aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursleys .. Childhood rusz had terrible what happens to him horrible things .. for example (in an unknown way released from its cage at the zoo huge dangerous snake) At the end of the holiday is a mysterious letter Harry who's very angry guardians .. turns out that the boy is a sorcerer, and this letter is from the school of magic and wizardry of Hogwarts .. How soon is start learning ... but not knowing the wojostwo Albus Dumbledore sends Hagrid to guard the hideout of keys and the gamekeeper at Hogwarts boy who says that his parents did not killed in an accident only he had been murdered by someone you know or Lord Voldemort .. A Harry alone survivor of the fatal spell .. then goes on chlopiec pero 9 and 3 / 4 at the station King \ 's Cross, whence take the undergroung exspres to Hogwarts .. The train meets with his first-class przyjaciow Ron and Hermione, Harry .. although he was all those years odseperowany was from the world of magic in the classroom doing quite well .. For sure on the night of spiritual somebody releasing Gorski Trola which Harry, Ron and Hermione and pokonywuja saving zaprzyjazniajac August with her .. Hermione discovers what is forbidden corridor on the 3rd floor .. A It is the philosopher's stone that gives immortality (ie, that they will not die) Friends prof.Snape interested in the state in August stone .. winter evenings to pass away from klutniach Drack Malfoy student slytherinu .. And so after the end of the spring tests discovered that someone like a dog glowego triple bypass named Fluffy ... And the three of us tend to intrude .. Thanks to help Ron and Hermione Harry enters the hidden chamber, where is the up mirror, and the Philosopher's Stone .. Meets prof.Quirrella there and not as I expected prof. Severus Snape \ 'a.. Quirrell is opentany by Voldemort, manages Harremu defend yourself against stone and saves it to death, Director A. Dumbledore, Hogwarts ...