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Dwarf hamster living in Asia. It is very similar to the Syrian hamster. Differs from the Syrian hamster a long black stripe, which runs along the spine. This species resides different environment, but beware of high mountains, wetlands and sand media desert. The whole figure and manner of movement in both cousins are very similar. Chinese hamster reaches 11 cm in length, which is almost half the size of Syrian hamster and weighs 38-46 g. The body of the Chinese hamster, in contrast to other dwarf hamsters, are cylindrical. Like all hamsters have a short, strong and suitable for long gear legs. Front educated have 4 fingers and thumb reduced, the rear are 5 fingers. Feet are hairless. Hamster has the longest tail of all the hamsters, which helps the animal in climbing, thanks to the risk that a fall from the table or the hand protector is smaller than other dwarf hamsters .. The tail is also nieowłosiony. Hamsters have large protruding eyes, characteristic of animals active at night, although sometimes Chinese hamster also active during daylight hours. Hamsters are well developed hearing and smell which compensates for the weaker eye.
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