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Dear Mr. Garr

Thank you for renting me the flat in London. I enjoyed my stay but it turned out
to be more expensiove than we itially agreed on. Here is a list of things I had to
pay for during my stay. I also attach a bill for your conideration. I had to:
* fix the central heating (it was very cold) - Ł150
* change the lightbulb in the kitchen (terribly dark, we couldn't see what we were eating) - Ł2,50
* get a new doorbell (the old one wouldn'y ring when the pizza man arrived) - Ł 5
* oil the front doors (squeaked like your mice) - 50p
* decorate the living room with new wallpaper (it was peeling off)- Ł120
* repair the washing machine (water leaked and we flooded your neighbours) - Ł65
* tea and biscuits for Mr. Smet, the decorator - Ł3

The total: Ł 346
Colud you please make arrangments to refund this money?
Yours sincerely,
Dear Ms....
Your home is amazing ! I spend here more great moments. I don`t have so much time for my hobbys but I try to conntact with my friends as often as before. For example last week I inwaited few of my best friends (don`t panic I don`t organise partys I`m quite neighbour) and we talked about our school or new friends.
Or I met here my old friend from primary school. He lives not so far from Your house. Now we can meet every day!
I take care of your garden. I think that`s beautiful!!
I realy thank you for your home. That helps me all the time becouse I have nearer to my new school.
Dear Ms. Ann,

Your home is really cool. I usually spend my time at school, but at home I watch TV or listen music. I'm very satisfaction. Everyday I take care of your dog.
Two days ago I had to buy new lock to door, beacuse old very to get stuck.