Write a postcard.Follow the steps.

step1. Imagine you are on holiday in a diffirent city.Answer these questions.
-where are you?
-who are you with?
-what is the food and weather like?
-what did you see yesterday?
-what did you like and dislike?

step2. Use your notes to write a postcard.Be careful with punctuation.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Holidays spend in Diffirent City is beautiful here I am here with my girlfriend Ursula. Food here is very good and natural here because the hosts lead the economy of ecological weather is nice here is quiet and lovely girl in my warm tans on the beach and I visited the city itself. Yesterday I saw the beautiful buildings in the Gothic style, and I doryckim.Podobają these buildings and I like the beaches which is about forty kilometers away, and my nice-looking girl in a swimsuit.
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