Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the future, I think, world will be diffrent. Everywhere, where I will go, I will meet robots and new technology. There will not village, everywhere will be big buldings, house and restaurants. There will be car, which are fast so there will be many accident. People will be rich but they will be tired because they will work everyday for many time. Everybody will live in big house with swimming pool and 5 badrooms. In holidays, they will go abroad, in exotic country. They will know new culture and morals. Everybody will speak 3 languages and they will be smart because schools will be very good. There will be many professions, which we don't know about them. In world will be peace, but air will be so pollution because forests will be limited. People will travel by plane or car, there will not train. In future, drugs will be available for everybody but I think it’ll be bad.
World will be dangerous, there will be many criminals. Food will be unhealthy, restaurants will service fast food.
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