On saturday I get up at nine o`clock. I have breakfast at half past nine. Later, I clean my bedroom. I have dinner at two o`clock. I watch tv at half past two. I take a shower at sixteen o`clock. I read book at seven o`clock. Later, I wash my teeth and I go to bed at ten o`clock.

On Sunday I get up at nine o`clock. I have breakfast at fifteen past nine. I go to church at ten o`clock. I go home at half past eleven. I cook dinner at ten o`clock and I eat dinner at one o`clock. Later, I do homework and I learn. I use computer at 17 o`clock. I go to my bedroom at twelve o`clock. I watch tv and later, I go to bed.

I like weekend.
Dear Jane!
How are you? I am fine.What did you do on the weekend?
I was in the cinema with my friend on Saturday.We saw ''Randka w ciemno''.This film was amazing! I went to my friend's house on Sunday. We had a lot of fun! My weekend was great!
a lot of love,Julia