1.Mary is reading an interesting book.
2.What is John doing? He's repairing his car at the moment.
3.We are waiting for the doctor.
4.Look at them. They are kissing again.
5.I'm drinking hot coffee now.
6.Why are you helping him?
7.He's showing his sister his new book.
8.This month Tom is studying hard for his exams.
9.He is building a new house.
10I'm taking driving lessons.
11.On Friday we are having an important meeting
12.I'm having a date with Sue next week.
13.Sorry, we are working this evening.
14Why are you being so naughty today?!
15.She's making the same spelling mistake again.
16.Mary is having breakfast.
17.I am taking my bag.
18.We are waiting for my uncle.
19.He is looking at the stars.
20.We are doing our homework
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. I am writing homework now.
2. Are they seeing a new car my father?
3. I am not talking with Janet about teachers.
4. I love him. He is always laughing.
5. I am visiting my grandparents tomorrow.
6. Are you going to cinema tonight?
7. She is listening music on the radio.
8. He is driving a car.
9. They are singing " We are the world " from Michael Jackson.
10. My mom is reading a book " Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza "
11. My father is working now.
12. My sister is drawing my portrait.
13. I writing letter to my friend.
14. Are you coming to poland?
15. We are cooking a chocolate cake.
16. Why are you crying?
17. He is running at the moment.
18. We are winning this match.
19. When are you going to school?
20. My brother is buying a new toy for my daughter.
2 5 2
I'm playing footbal.
He is reading a book.
My mother is doing wasing up.
John's parents are cooking.
Janet's doing her homework.
Mrs.Morrison is singing.
My friends are watching television.
Poul and Sue are cleaning a house.
I am walking.
My brothers are riding their bicycles.
Sam is waorking.
Teresa is writtinh a story.
You are picking flowers.
He is painting a picture.
Jim is eating a dinner.
Ola and Alex are taling.
Kate is runing with her dog.
Robert is learning.
Girls are playing tennis.
They are playing video games.