From: kamil
To : dominika
subject: Exams

Hi dominika!

Thanks for your last e-mail. I hope your exams went well. I have some exciting news and I’m writing to ask for your advice.

I want to go on holiday to Argentina next year. What do you think is the best month for me to come? I can only come for three weeks, so which places do you think I should visit? Do you think I should hire a car or travel around by bus or train?

I’m planning to spend a few days in and around Mendoza, and it would be great it we could meet. Can you recommend a good hotel ( not too expensive)

Hope to hear from you soon!
Best wishes,

to jest e- mail. mam wcielić się w dominike i mu odpisać na e- mail po angielsku. ZA dobry e mail daje napewno naj



I am glad that you wrote me .. You all right .. Well, so I got up one morning and saw that my brother is dead ....

Bye Bye

ps. I love you!!!

Może się przyda