Podaj po 3 przykłady filmów po angielsku do poszczególnych kategorii:
an action film:
an animated film:
a comedy:
a crime film:
a fantasy film:
a horror film:
a musical:
a romance:
a science fiction film:
a spy film:
a thriller:
a western:



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Action film- Mission Imposible, Commando, Batman
animated film- Shrek, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Toy Story
comedy- Mr. Been Holiday, Santa's Slay, Big Stan
crime film- The Ghost Writer, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Brown
fantasy film- the lord of the rings, Coraline, Highlander
horror film- Blood Trails, Chemical Wedding, Forget Me Not
musical- nine, the phantom of the opera, The Jazz Singer
romance- Autumn In New York, Titanic, Notting Hill
science-fiction film- War of the worlds, The Terminator, X-Men
spy film- Licence to Kill, A View to a Kill, Goldfinger
thriller- Romeo Must Die, Hard Candy,Triangle
western- The Great Train Robbery, The Shooting, Dead Man
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