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Zdania twierdzace
She will get a trophy.
John will break his leg.
My mom will make dinner.
We will go to the cinema.
They will win the competition.
Will you go to her party?
Will people colonize space in the future?
Will Anna get an A from her exam?
Will we clone humans?
Will her parents be mad about it?
We won't pass the exam.
I won't get a new bike.
She won't move to San Francisco.
You won't get an A from the test.
People won't become extinct.

Zdania twierdzace
She is going to go to London.
Frank is going to move to Berlin.
We are going to win this game.
We are going to go skiing.
They are going to buy some crisps.
Is she going to win?
Are they going to sing?
Is Katie going to slip?
Am I going to pass the exam?
Are you going to get a new bed?
You aren't going to win.
She isn't going to sleep.
We aren't going to build a new house.
They aren't going to go to New York.
Sophie isn't going to jump.
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He will go to shop.
Maria and Max will help me.
I will give you some money.
I and Renata will go to Ania's party.
He will be very happy.
Will you do it for me?
Will Robert read this book?
Will he go to school?
Will she pass the exam?
Will my father go to my aunt?
They won't work in shop.
Emma won't give you this cap.
She won't go to cinema with Max.
He won't be nice for her.
I won't go to scholl.
She is going to go to her Mother on Sunday.
I am going to buy new camera on Monday.
He is going to go to doctor on Friday.
She is going to help her sister on Sunday.
I am going to meet my father on Saturday .
Is he going to meet him?
Is he going to buy new computer?
Are they going to go to sleep?
Is he going to cook a dinner?
Are you going to get a new bed?
He isn't going to university.
She isn't going to clean her room.
They aren't going to help me.
Ania isn't going to move to Poznań.
Maria isn't going to study History.
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