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Ostroleka a town in the Mazowieckie voivodship.

Ostroleka was the beginning of the city fortress, traces of which were discovered at the mouth of the river to Omulwi Narew. Become a beginning of trade settlement, which in 1373 received city rights granted by the Duke of Mazovia Siemowit III.

At the end of the eleventh and twelfth centuries there was Gródek defensive fighter who court the princes of Mazovia, which quickly formed around the craft Podgrodzie.

Tempered ostrołęczan history in many dramatic events, the city has not spared the lofty deeds of renunciation brutal years, marked by the sacrifice people in defense of national identity. Short, at only 40-year period of prosperity has to between 1526, when the city along with the rest of the Duchy of Mazovia was incorporated into the Polish Crown - it marked the beginning of a period of splendor of the city called the "golden age Ostroleka.
In 1564, a huge fire ravaged the castle nadnarwiański.

In the mid-sixteenth century Ostroleka entered the niegrodowego put the county in perpetuity of Queen Bona, who endowed the town many privileges. The city has become an important commercial and administrative center.

The seventeenth century saw the city associated with the destruction of numerous wars. First, the city was on the trail of "Swedish Deluge", the Great Northern War and the Succession to the Polish throne. Swept his army Polish, Swedish, Saxon and Russian, ravaging and destroying them.

In 1708 in Ostroleka and around the fight took place between the troops and defending the Swedish entry into the areas forests were Kurpiami.
The economic recovery did not occur until the second half of the eighteenth century.


The town is situated at the edge of the plain Narwia Kurpiowska in the north - eastern part of the Mazowsze region in the vicinity of Kurpiowska Forest Green (about 55 000 inhabitants). With its szlakom-run transport (road No. 61 from Warsaw to Suwalki and road number 53, Ostroleka to Olsztyn) is an important center of the road.

The city's history reaches back to the Middle Ages, the "golden age" for Ostroleka occurred after 1526 during the reign of Queen Bona, unfortunately, subsequent epidemics and frequent battles with the Swedes in 1656, bringing the city an almost total destruction. Due to its strategic location as the city suffered during the subsequent wars, especially during the Wars I and II St. (Third Reich under the name of the town was renamed Scharfenwiese and killed more than 1,000 ostrołęczan).
Ostroleka received city rights already before 1373, until 1975, was the district capital, in the years 1975-1998 - the county town, the administrative reform is a city of Cantonal and district headquarters in the Land Mazowieckie voivodship.

Ostroleka wealth is primarily its natural tourist attractions - landforms, climate, rivers (Narew Omulew, Rozoga) and forests (Forest Green), as well as environmental advantages of the anthropological (construction Kurpian, museums). Narew a water route to Warsaw from Mazur is the perfect place for water sports, especially canoeing. The city can also boast a good tourist infrastructure through the holiday and kempingom centers, as well as the increasingly growing form of leisure which is tourism.

The most valuable monument is the former Bernardine monastery (built in the seventeenth century), together with the Church of St. Anthony with baroque furnishings and murals, old post office building from around 1828, now houses the Museum of Culture Kurpiowska with interesting exhibits constant (min monuments settlement) and time. With major events in the city name should be "Days Ostroleka" (May), as well as meetings with the theme song Ostrołęckie cabaret "OSPA" (November)

Ostroleka an important industrial city: there are plants Pulp - Papiernicze producing 30% of the cellulose produced in Poland as well as the power band.

Important people connected with the city: General Jozef Bem, Viktor Gomulicki - poet and writer.

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