So that lose weight and are healthier we should the food of fewer fast-foods and carbonated drinks, but more salads, juices and water. It well would also be to go to the fitness or the aerobics.
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What should we do to lose weight and be more healthy?
If we want to be more healthy and have a healthy lifestyle we shoud eat healthy. You are this what you eat! For example we can eat more wegetables and fruits, also yougurts are good idea to lose weight. We also have to do some sports and we can't eat after 6 p.m! You can go to the gym or to the aerobic. It's more healthy than sitting next to TV and watch it! When we eat something we must burn off fat. When it "stay" in us, beacuse we don't do anything, then we can have problems with weight, sleep, sight and... with other! It will be better for everybody when we start healthy lifestyle. Automatically our weight will be smaller.