Last Halloween I spent at my grandma’s house. At the day before Halloween I was very upset because I didn’t have a nice costume. I love Halloween, and I just hated the idea that I was going to spend my first Halloween without a nice costume.
So I went to bed really upset. But, at night I had the most terrible dream ever! I dreamt that I was in a huge and dark castle all by myself. When I was walking through this large entrance hall full of spider webs and candles I ran into this very old and scary lady. She had deep blue eyes, a long frizzy white hair, and a very long, old black dress. She looked really creepy!
She asked my name, and, very frightened, I told my name was AnuŚkaa. Then she began to tell me she knew who I was, and that I was really upset because I didn’t have a nice costume to wear at Halloween day. She said that I had to be patient that I would get whatever I wanted.
When I woke the next morning I opened my eyes and I saw this witch costume on the chair in front of the bed! It was very well made and it had many details on it. I ran down the stairs to ask my grandmother if she had placed that dress on the chair and she answered that she saw the dress and thought that I had bought it the day before when I went downtown. I got so scared that I just wanted to cry! Then my grandmother started laughing and said that my mom had sent the dress for me on the FedEx. Man, I got really scared!
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Od razu mówie, iż nie wiem czy wszystko jest dobrze napisane po angielsku.

SEN (wymyślony):

I do not remember too much of your sleep. But try to remember.

This happened on another planet. Sleep was extremely long. I remember that I had as much to learn from the tribes living on the planet "COSMOS'' to become the chosen one who has to save them and their planet. I remember the jungle. Similar to the Earth. The tribe that lived there had a skin as brown rot wood, ideal camouflage among the trees.Taught my speech those animals and their writings, I can not even describe that statement ... something between the cuneiform and hieroglyphics. Taught me breathing. I had to breathe so as to match the heartbeat. Taught me to run as fast as animals, and how I had to learn it all limbs (on all fours) while breathing slowly and deeply, I had to touch the ground each limb separately at a fast speed. Science was a long.Na end I passed the exam and I could move on.

Next is a land of temperate climate, there took the spring. The country is situated on a hill. It looked like there paradise.Lived tribe very wise and old. Few own a huge library.All had long gray hair, but the body young and without wrinkles, just oczy bardzo wise indicated true age.
They were almost white skin.Told me about all the tribes on this planet and the planet itself.
Before the land stretched vast desert plain, the same stones
and ditches to the dried rivers. All the dry bed of lead
the hills have to be at horizon. There was to be the end of my journey.
Old tribe has taught me the history and foundations of magic. I learned
basic spells, including recovery. My task was
to cross the desert, which has a population of a hostile tribe, to reach the hill
and find the source of rivers. The hill that was to cave in which the family lives
tribe, which is in danger of extinction due to lack of water. The last water supply are
in a cave in a small pond. Before me, the last route.

I went into the wilderness, was peppered with the same traps, sand and slowly pulled up after the jump went.Of inhabitants of the land of the desert, they were very tall and thin,
were the colors of the desert - Bronze gray, earthy body and were able to breathe
underground. They were in the hands of long spears and threw them in my direction.
I had to use what you learned so far. Resigned
of the human race, ran on four legs as breathing
that does not bother .. and so fled slalom and spears flew next to me. I ran all the time has not come up the hill.

There rustic tribe greeted me with joy. It was a magical place,
born there life on this planet and the tribe were the guardians of this planet.
They could not find the source. The last thin rill give them water
to drink in the same cave. All day long and night, told me what happened
and about how the river gradually began to dry up. Taught me that the most important
get rid of this fear and believe in the impossible. Morning stood at the top
the hill before me is an enormous gap, and the desert horizon. Once this
the place was a huge waterfall, now dry land. And at some point, I discovered that I have to jump into the abyss in order not to kill but with the greatest siłąuderzyć the base of the hill. I had to call the vibrations of the earth. I collected important belief in the impossible, unrealistic and contrary to reason.Jumped in with full force in the gulf. Fell off his feet and up squatted.
The earth shook ... me, nothing happened. and the walls of the cliff began
spurt jets of water pure as crystal. Like standing
so soared into the air and stood on the hill again.
I knew that faith works miracles. After a while
desert began to change in land living, flowed everywhere
River all had a beginning in the thalamus, and the gap was no longer
rocky cliff, but a beautiful, wide waterfall.

After a while I woke up. It occurred to me that it was only a dream.

mam nadzieję, żę pomogłam :)

Last night I have strange dream. I was in school in the top floor. I came out of polish schoolroom and went to cloakroom change footwear. In school was quiet and dark. I went down with charlady. In the end of corridor in shadow stood suspicion lady. She holded small child. When she saw me she started off went towards me. Charlady vanished. The door was locked. I was in trap. Lady was reached from me, she was close, closer, very close! I saw she was in red cloak, red high heels and big red hat with very big brim. I didn't saw her face. She lifted up her arm. In hand she has knife, she swiped and scream - It isn't theatre! Then i woke up with scream in my mouth. lub It is located in the cemetery at night, approaching darkness, but I am completely calm. Madzia standing next to me.We look down at the cemetery between the graves of the trees grow high, without leaves, it is probably late autumn.Suddenly, there are several children who are dressed in white dresses, wings and halos are (look at me but it is hard to say what they are looking, seem to be sad, but also if they said something to me eyes).I feel that they are angels. Successively in each of their second appears more and more until the entire cemetery is full and thus becomes clearer. However, these children disappear, and darkness, there are three people who approach us.This is two men and a woman , which changed as if the man and vice versa. Children are beginning to appear again and their appearance and disappearance will continue until the end of longer sleep. I see these scenes as if from a distance (I see myself standing with those people), but I hear nothing, so if I see a silent film