1)You must clean up the room.
2)You must't go for a walk.
3)He should eat breakfast.
4)I should't leave the house
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1.She must be present at the meeting.
2.Must I carry your bags?
3.We must be honest.
4.He must be right.
1.He must be feeling awful, mustn't he?
2.Mustn't it have been wonderful to live a hundred years ago?
3.You mustn't park here.
4.She mustn't talk to strangers.
1.He should do it again.
2.Should he be more careful?
3.We should go that way.
4.People should care more about the environment.
1.You shouldn't run so fast.
2.It shouldn't rain tomorrow.
3.You shouldn't be late for work.
4.You shouldn't have drunk so much last night.

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I must eat breakfast.
She must made a salad.
You must buy bread.
We must clean room.

I musn't drive a car
He musn't play in ball.
She musn't watch TV.
They musn't go to the disco.

He sould das his homework.
She should brush their teeth.
We should learn.
She should clean room.

You shouldn't run .
He should not drink alcohol.

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