The horse is a hooved (ungulate) mammal, a subspecies of the family Equidae. The horse has evolved over the past 45 to 55 million years from a small multi-toed creature into the large, single-toed animal of today. Humans began to domesticate horses around 4000 BCE, and their domestication is believed to have been widespread by 3000 BCE. Although most horses today are domesticated, there are still endangered populations of the Przewalski's Horse, the only remaining true wild horse, as well as more common populations of feral horses which live in the wild but are descended from domesticated ancestors. There is an extensive, specialized vocabulary used to describe equine-related concepts, covering everything from anatomy to life stages, size, colors, markings, breeds, locomotion, and behavior.

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If I could have an animal I would choose a cat. I like cats because they are very nice and sweet creatures. Moreover, cats have another great advantage- they are mysteriuos and sometimes can look at a human for a long time. Nobody knows why they do this. Furthermore, there are whole lots of superstitions about these animals. For instance, a black cat means some misery. What's interesting, cats look like small tigers or lions. I love this kind of animal.