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Slumdog. Millionaire in the street "is a film that has dominated this year's Academy Awards ceremonies. Caused a great impression on both film critics and the audience. What tells the story, for which millions of rage? About life. Simply put, without fraud and special effects. The fate of a poor boy from the slums, living in Bombay.

Eighteen Jamal Malik is a step away from grabs top prize at the Indian edition of "Millionaire", which volunteered to regain his love. Left him only one question that is answered in the next section. The driver, however, difficult to believe that the boy without the fraud came to this moment and for him nasyła police. In this way opens up before us vivid and startling story of a young Jamal, who answers all the questions game show has granted life. At times tragic, sometimes funny and moving tale that will not leave the viewer with no response. World First launched on the background of all the enchanted landscapes of Mumbai, not only because of the appearance in India without the glamor, light and momentum, typical of films from Bollywood, but also thanks to the real emotions of ordinary people struggling with logs, thrown at his feet by the force.

The film also earned the sympathy of its soundtrack, which has been repeatedly awarded and heartily recommend that easily falls into the ear. Is "Slumdog Millionaire" earned enough Oscars? How many people, so many opinions, so I think it's best to check yourself.

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