Witam potrzebuje rozwiazac zadania w czasie biernej:
1they feed the seals at the zoo twice a day
2.who wrote it?
3.compare clothes which we have washed with clothes which any other laundry has washed
4.he expected us to offer him the job
5.they showed her the easiest way to do it
6.lightning struck the old oak.
7.titian couldn't have painted it as people didn't wear that style of dress till after his death.
8.a jelly strung her
9.the autor has written a special edition for children



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.the seals are fed at the zoo twice a day
2.who was it written by ?
3.compare clothes which have been washed .....
4,we were expected to offer ..
5.she was showed the easest...
6.the old oak was struck by lightning
7.it couldn't have been painted by Titian as that style of dress wasn't worn ....
8.she was strung by a jelly
9.a special edition for children has been written