On Monday usually get up very morning. Quickly eat breakfast and getting ready for school. After several hours spent in school, I go to football training. In the evening I writing lessons, watch TV and go to sleep. On Tuesdays I have to school at 10 am, so I can sleep a little longer. After 6 hours in school, I can meet with friends. I'm going home 8 p.m. Wednesdays usually go very quickly. In the morning I go to school, where waiting for me additional classes in English. After school, parents take me to the pool. I really like to swim so I spend a lot of time there. Thursday afternoon I spent with my grandparents most often. Live in the province, so I love to ride them. On Friday after school I go to the cinema with friends or on pizza. On Saturday morning usually do writing lesson. In the afternoon I have free time. On Sunday I go to church with my family.