Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
From early childhood I dreamed of overseas trips. I studied books on the ships, the sea and vegetation located in distant lands. I did everything to be able to take his first long journey. In the end I succeeded. I was able to sail along with a friend on the ship with the product, which was to be delivered to Brazil.
One sunny morning, when I was already packed, I went to a nearby port, where he was to sail the ship. A friend was waiting for me at the entrance to the deck. When I found myself on board, I was very happy and I knew that now met my biggest dream. After about fifteen minutes of my stay on this ship raised anchor and odbiliśmy from the shore. Then a friend of mine named Luke asked if I could in my spare time to help cook. I agreed without hesitation, because I love to cook and often did it with my mom. Well, with my mother. What now? My parents were both on land and, despite the fact that I said goodbye to them a few hours ago, is already beginning to miss their voices. I love them very much and did not even imagine that I could no longer see close to me, smiling faces of their parents. Only now realized how important is the presence of the family. At this point, the reflection rescued me Luke. Mniw escorted to my cabin and pointed to the bed. I unpacked my belongings and I fell asleep, tired experiences deep sleep. Over the next few days is not anything special happened. I helped cook a dish, which tasted very przyrządzałam whole crew.
One night while I slept deliciously, the crew woke me scream. Quickly I ran on deck and saw what I was overcome with fear. At sea, there was a big storm and high waves flooding the ship. Quartermaster had no rule over him. With high speed approached the coral reef, which protrude from the water. How soon fled to his cabin, and the bag I had put fishhooks, needles and thread, blankets, a knife, a saw, nails and screws and a bow and arrows, because I thought that if I survive this storm, items will be most useful to me. Again I went on board and at the same time the ship struck a reef. Lost consciousness.
When he stirred, I lay on the soft sand and the sea was now calm and friendly. Slowly I got up and looked around the island which landed. I was surrounded by tall trees full of fruit, so I had no fear of hunger. Only after a while I realized that I had with him a bag with things that were previously packed. I put it on a nearby rock and decided to look around. Around me sounded pleasant twitter of birds. I looked closer to the plants, which resemble those of my textbooks. After a brief reflection I realized that I was probably on a desert island. The fear of predators spend the night on the hill. The next day, I worked hard from early morning. First saw from the deck of the vessel body, the branches of trees to build a house in which czułabym safe. When I had enough of branches, with nails wbijanych stone, I was able to create a design houses. Lacked only the roof and walls. It was late and dark, so I went back up the hill to spend the night there. In the morning I dropped the idea that the cottage is sufficient for the completion of large, strong leaves. These also had bananowiec. In the evening, hut was ready, and I could spend the first night. Now, the problem of food. Not wanting to eat all the time the fruits, I decided to catch some fish. The pile of branches I found a long, straight stick. Fastened to the thread, which was the hook. Complained that the rod a few times and after an hour I had caught 4 fish. Having no other choice I ate them raw. Thus passed weeks and months of my stay. One day I thought about my parents and immediately rushed to my head, a thought. I decided to dry moss, branches and other plants to build a high pole. When zobaczyłabym ship zapaliłabym it and then I could go back to their parents and friends. After two weeks my work was done. Three days later I had the opportunity to check my invention. On the horizon I saw a sail, and came to the shores of the sea. The ship was getting closer and finally lit using flint, my post. Ship changed its direction and now was flowing in my direction. It turned out that it is owned by a merchant in my country and this is where the fluid.
I was rescued. This time the trip went quietly and without any complications or problems. After two weeks saw their parents again and decided that from now on I will watch the sea shore. (tylko musisz zmienic na chłopaka)