World war ii in history of world – biggest conflict military, from 1 september 1939 for 2 september 1945 in europe for 8 may 1945 lasting ( ), whole europe including coverage warfare almost < law (as of right) >, eastern (eastern) and south-east asia, northern africa, part of close east and all oceans. Some episodes of wars were played in arctic even and north america. Affectation all european states almost < law (as of right) >, main states of north america took participation (quota) in (to) her (it) and south america, australia and asia. States of pivots were main part of conflicts and states of antinazi coalitions ( ) alianci. Catch on for date of beginning of war on poland 1 september 1939 – attack german (germany), they have approached in result of expiring deadline (date) about hour before afternoon of (south of) british summer (years old) time for war 3 september 1939 11 great britain ultimatum and france is served as start of world war in western literature sometimes this second (other) date ( ). Some recognize (regard) war for start of world war japońsko-chińską, started 7 july 1937 invasion of japanese troop, however, local remained for this 1941 conflict. Notion existed in soviet historiography great war Ojczyźniana, along with german attack on 22 june 1941 USSR starting. War has been started for americans 7 december 1941, along with japanese attack.