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Finding someone who is not like the "Slumdog Millionaire. Millionaire street" is as karkołomnym task, which hit on someone who does not like chocolate. Danny Boyle's film is - just like chocolate - simply delicious.

No, not sweet, but almost immediately bringing joy. The image, which is neither complacent nor a particularly funny watching with great smiles. Indeed, he brings a positive, optimistic message.

"Slumdog Millionaire. Millionaire street" is the sad story of a total of two orphaned boys who are trying to survive in India and another to overcome the difficulties posed by their lives. Elder will cwaniakował younger every action - including participation in the popular "Millionaire" - subordinate attempt to find a girl, which fell in love, with just a few years.

Boyle managed to avoid any pitfalls that hidden history. Salima Jamal's childhood and, although unpleasant, is shown without the stigma of the tragedy and even fairy quest for love, no time rubs against the banality, or even something a little ckliwego. Whole, is extremely warm, brings courage and hope.

Unusual presentation of the story (drama game show is interspersed with retrospekcjami) makes the movie looks like a color slide in a kaleidoscope, contracting in a beautiful and colorful picture. Juicy, sun beating barwom screen accompanied by a vibrant richness of the Orient, inspiring music.

Danny Boyle masterfully wymieszał Bollywood momentum with the British sense of realism. Created the American story without an American cliché. Oscars fully deserved.

mam nadzieję, że pomogłam :)
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Review about "Slumdog Millionaire"

It is Jamal Malik, 18 - lukewarm boy from slums of Bombay. We are meeting him in the moment, when he has the concluding question ahead of him in the television quiz show "Millionaires". The program just ended, final question to fall down has on the next day, and Malik, suspected of the fraud, is left nicked by police and brutally examined. For authorities he cannot fit in the head, that the uneducated inhabitant of poor districts knows answers to questions, requiring the broad wisdom. It turns out that Jamal was simply incredibly lucky, because it provided him with these replies that's life. This way we are learning history slumdoga, since childhood positively to this day.

Może nie jest tak wiele jak w górnej wypowiedzi ale na pewno nie tak "translatorowo" i że Polskie słowa zostały.
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