Napisz artykul What's your favorite type of media.... ja wybieram internet ;]
zywajac slowa.
the internet growing popularty
In the frist place ....
Fristly to begin with
Many people fell / belive that ...
People's opinions on ....... differ widely
it is bont only .... but also ...
what is none
one of the best advantepes of ....
on the other hand ....

in spite of this
some people ...... while aders ....
in my opinion/view/it seens to me that /
to sun up/on balance



My favourite typ of media is Internet.
Internet is very popoular.Many peple's to use sthg Internet.
In Internet are informations. People's opinions on Internet are good.
Many people think Internet is very necessary.

Myśle że to co napisałam jest dobrze jak coś to możesz to pozmieniać lub ulepszyć :)