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The idea of creating The Sims was born in my head Will Wright, the man who had his account then a whole series of SimCity. The idea is very simple, The Sims is a simulator of everyday life. The authors of the story of the game are the players themselves, because they affect almost everything that happens in the game.

At the beginning of the game the player creates their own sima or even their entire family. When a virtual alter ego, you are ready to begin the right fun. Buy a house, to gain work bought a house to maintain, after a day like Sims to spread on the couch and watch TV. As in real life. Above all, Sims can make acquaintances and friendships, which in turn can be transformed into love. The fruit of love, Sims can marry aa even children.

For the money earned at work, we can build our house charges, change its equipment by choosing from dozens if not hundreds of types of furniture, wallpaper and carpet designs. Earnings depend on the character traits and personal Sims, which in turn can be developed through learning, training, etc. The more developed countries are character traits of our podopiecznego the faster moving his professional career, and relationships in private life.

Sims just like in real life we need a rest, regular meals, quiet "corner" where they can settle their physiological needs, or as prosaic things like a dream. All this consists of an extremely complex puzzle in which the lack of an item would entail consequences in terms of feeling unwell sima, etc.

The game offers quite an extensive editor used to putting up buildings. Even if someone is not interested in a virtual game of Barbie dolls house, certainly can sit for long periods and give vent to his engineering zapędom.

The Sims is probably the only game, which appeared so bewildering number of additions, further widen opportunities and a sense urealniających game. With the successive enlargements, our Sims can go on vacation, to be star of stage or television, buy your pet and do a lot of other things. Above all, each of the additives is a set of new facilities for the alignment of our virtual outlet.
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